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Create your #PathToEndPoverty

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 Who will create the greatest change? We may find similarities and differences in our responses to these questions when we reflect on our own interests, inspirations and commitments. But, what it all reveals is a very important shared purpose. 


As thousands of people across the globe attend the , YOU can help us highlight our diversity and a united view towards our vision for a better world.
From April 10-13 attendees in Washington DC are invited to answer questions using colorful strings. When plotted on a giant wall, it reveals an easy-to-read visualization of the ways to end poverty and create opportunities for all.

Be part of this by answering our digital questionnaire. Your responses will be transformed into the visual experience on site.

We will also ask for your contributions live on . Share this experience by using the hashtag #PathToEndPoverty.
And be sure to check the real-time results and daily time lapse video to get a clear picture of the common thread that connects us.


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